How Client Feedback Can Improve Your Fitness Business

Be honest, how often do you ask for feedback from your clients?

It can be a daunting task. However, asking clients for feedback on a recent transformation they completed or just a general testimonial on working with you can have huge benefits on attracting new clients. Not to mention growth opportunities for you as a coach!

When we buy a new item online, we like to read through reviews left by others. This is exactly the same with signing up with a trainer. Clients like to hear first hand how that trainer has helped others. People will be looking for reassurance that you’re the right person to help them too. Client feedback and reviews help you build your credibility.

But why is it important to me as a coach?

You may be the best coach in your area, but without any client testimonials, others don’t know that!

Client feedback can also be constructive. If you receive any negative feedback or comments when asking for feedback, this helps you find out the areas you may need to focus on. This could be areas such as communication, or even support.

Once you have received this feedback, you can then start to take action against it and improve in areas you aren’t as strong in. Look at it like bodybuilding, you use the mirror to work on areas that may be lagging to bring up your physique.

Without clients there is no business, so listen to them. Take their points on board and action them. Construct your questions in a way so that when answered, they provide insight into specific areas of your services allowing you to pinpoint room for improvement. Figure out what it is you want to know.

How can I gather client feedback?

There are so many different ways to gather feedback, and some ways may suit clients more than others. So choose the ways that make the most sense for you and your clients.

Through My PT Hub’s custom forms feature, you are able to create your own form which clients can then complete to provide you with valuable feedback.

You could also keep things simple and send out a Group or Broadcast message through the Chat feature, to all your current and past clients asking them to fill out a short survey, or provide you with a testimonial.

Whichever method you go for, don’t be put down if you don’t hear back from someone. They could be busy, or simply holding it off until they have more time.

You can also send out a reminder message two to three days later, in case anyone has forgotten!

Display your feedback via your social media pages or website. Have your reviews or client feedback on show for people to view at any time! Be proud of what your clients have to say about you and your business.