5 Easy Outdoor Personal Training Ideas

5 Easy Outdoor Training Ideas to Train Your Clients Outdoors

It’s been an uncertain and stressful time for everyone, but as a personal trainer, being unable to train indoors can also be damaging to your business.

While it feels like a lot of people are still shying away from being in public, there is no reason you can’t still give your client a killer workout! It can be difficult to know how to train your clients with social distancing restrictions in place, so here are 5 simple outdoor training ideas to help you…

1. Socially Distanced 1-1 Training

With one-to-one training given the green light in certain countries, you are now able to train your client in person! This will still require you to take a step back, but rest assured you can still do your job. Choose the right venue, like a park or sports field, and make sure it has plenty of room to spread out.

From here you can guide your client through their workout routine just like normal. You could even find a trail to go hiking or running together.

2. Backyard Training using Event Stream

Conference calls have become important for many businesses, including yours!

Now your clients can not only bring you into their homes but also their backyards. A client’s own backyard is a great space for them to safely work out with your guidance through their laptop or phone.

Through the My PT Hub Event Stream feature, set up your training session through the software and simply add a link for your clients to join remotely. From Zoom to Skype, simply choose your preferred video conference software, add the link and you’re good to go!

For more information on Event Stream head here.

3. No-equipment exercises

A lot of the draws of a personal trainer for clients is the access they get to gym equipment. Therefore, it may deter them when that access is no longer a part of your sessions, but one big benefit they get from you is your knowledge. Devising a no-equipment workout plan that is just as high intensity will be important – if you get it right, it might even become their new favorite way to work out!

Head to the My PT Hub Marketplace for access to hundreds of FREE, pre-made plans! Included in your subscription is access to our latest plans such as Bodyweight and Home Workout plans, created for all different client levels and types.

4. Make the Park your Gym!

Your local park is full of exercise equipment that doesn’t require risky contact. Here are some examples to get you inspired:

  • Practice step-up exercises on park benches
  • Change the incline of your sprints by running up and down hills
  • Practice HIIT suicides on the basketball court.
  • Also, who needs a step machine when you’ve got the real thing?

5. Create a Challenge

Make things a bit more fun and a bit more competitive. Why not set up a group challenge for your clients?

Group exercise has been given the green light in a number of countries now, so if that’s you, why not get some of your clients together for a group training session in your local park?

Better yet, set them challenges as a group and use My PT Hub to make it easy! Set up their challenge or program within the software, create a group chat, track their progress, encourage or congratulate them all through My PT Hub!