The Importance of Personal Trainer Branding

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the guys from the My PT Hub HQ. I was excited because I had been really interested in My PT Hub for about a month by this point. But not because I am a PT… or even an Online Coach or Fitness Instructor of any kind. I am interested in My PT Hub for a different reason.

I run a small and growing Creative Agency called FitMedia Co. and all of our clients are fitness professionals of some description. We help build their businesses and brands through a range of different online services. These services include Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and a full range of branded clothing, merchandising and print materials for fitness professionals.

But, when Ben reached out to me, after tagging My PT Hub in an Instagram post, he asked if I’d be willing to write about the importance of Branding and Marketing in today’s fitness industry. Hence why I leapt at the opportunity! This is exactly the kind of stuff I deal with on a day-to-day basis with all of our clients at FitMedia Co.

My name is Jonah and here’s my Guest Blog for the My PT Hub family!

Now, let’s talk about branding. What is ‘brand’?

When you hear the word ‘brand’ you may think of your favourite shoe or watch, or car. Why? Because that’s what you automatically associate with in your mind. For example, I say “Sports Wear” and you think “Nike”. I say “Super Car” and you think “Ferrari”. And you may even get an image of a bright red 458 Spyder in your mind, too. Crazy, right?

Why is this relevant? Because we want to apply the same principle to you on a smaller and more relatable scale. When I say “Personal Trainer”, everyone in your ideal client demographic should have your name pop into their head. And maybe even your face! If this happens then it means that you are their ‘go-to’ guy (or gal!) when they think about Personal Training. Whether they want to sign up to paid services or just ask you fitness related questions. It’s all VERY good stuff.

What can you do to improve your ‘branding’?

A lot of branding is down to how you appear to the people you’re trying to reach. A quick online search brought me to the following definition:

“The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.”

So, in short, you want to make yourself appear in such a way that it actually draws people IN. Rather than you reaching OUT to grab new clients or by simply doing nothing at all and hoping that new clients will just walk in through the front door.

Your brand is, and always will be, very broad. However, if I were to break it down into real life ‘things’ for you to walk away with and think about, I’d include things like colours, fonts, a logo, a name or slogan, and so on. All things that, when people see, they can use to recognise as yours and think “Ah! I know who this is!”. Even if it’s just your favourite colour that you decided to use on all your business cards, your website, your logo and your Facebook page banner image. They’ll recognise this colour as ‘yours’.

And, whilst you’re at it, why not try and use the same username across your social media pages and get the domain name ( to match? As well as printing your catchy and engaging slogan everywhere, too? All these are little things that make a big difference.

Okay, great. But what’s ‘marketing’ and how do these things tie together?

Marketing is, again, a very broad topic. However, I will break down what it means and what you can do to improve your own marketing and use it to reach the right clients.
After another quick Google, here is one of the definitions for ‘marketing’:

“Development and implementation of a promotional strategy.”

Which is exactly what it is! If branding is waking up and deciding what outfit you’re going to wear, marketing is walking out the front door and deciding who you’re going to talk to.

So, in the real world of business, this would look like you starting a mailing list, investing in your Instagram page, sharing your day on Snapchat and so on. All these are ways of reaching people and generating engagement. Which will ultimately lead to passionate followers and even… sales!

You could even compare it to growing up as a kid and wanting to make good friendships.

In the beginning, you’ll find that people are drawn in (or turned away) by your appearance. This will be what people see first. As time goes on, and you spend time engaging with your peers in different ways, you’ll find that people begin to like who you are, how you work and what you have to offer. You’ll then make some pretty good friends and plenty more acquaintances.

As more time goes on, and you continue attending social gatherings, going to school, meeting up at the weekends and so on. You’ll find that your network of friends continues to grow. You’ll end up knowing people for reasons you can’t even remember and have friendships deeper than you ever thought possible.

Everyone will know that fitness is your ‘thing’. They’ll know that you can help them with their questions and even work with them closely in achieving their own fitness goals. This is where the money making magic begins to happen!

Although there are many elements and intricacies to Branding and Marketing, neither of them need to be any more complex than making friends in school. And if you do find yourself overthinking things and not getting anywhere, think of it as a forced relationship… Because, well, I don’t think I need to explain that one. 😉

In summary

I really hope that this short article has not just shown the importance of Branding and Marketing in the fitness industry but also shown how they can be simplified and compared to real life situations.

If anyone has any desire to contact me directly then please email [email protected] and we can happily arrange a call.

Until next time,
Jonah – FitMedia